Project management courses – in-house options

Why study Project Management? …….see Andrew Drury’s blog on this subject here


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APM’s Project Fundamentals Qualification

(2 days of classroom study)

We are happy to provide you with a fixed-price quote for running this 2-day course in-house.

In-house courses are of great benefit to clients whose offices / staff are a long way from our London-based Open Courses, as it saves the costs of staff travel and accommodation. Assuming that the cost of travel to/from London, and 2 nights accommodation is approx £300 per person, the in-house option becomes cheaper when you have approximately 6 people wanting the course.

For London-area clients, travel / accommodation cost of attending the London Open Courses will be nil, or very low. Therefore, in-house courses become more cost-effective at around 10 people.

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Project Management for Affordable Housing Development: Theory & Practice

Includes the APM’s Project Management Qualification (PMQ) in the course

(9 days of classroom study, over a 5 week period)

The same comments apply about when the in-house option becomes more cost-effective than sending your people on then Open Courses.

Outside London clients: in-house becomes more cost-effective around the 5 or 6 person mark.

London clients: in-house becomes more cost-effective around the 7 or 8 person mark.

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PLEASE NOTE 1: The in-house training figures are course fees only. Expenses and VAT are in addition. The main expenses are travel and accommodation etc. We assume that clients will print the course handouts, as that is cheaper than our printer’s costs.

PLEASE NOTE 2: We try to ensure that in-house course material meets your particular requirements. We can tailor course content without charge if it means using already-prepared material from other courses. However, if you require new material to be authored, we will confirm the cost of that tailoring, as part of our quote for you.

PLEASE NOTE 3: We are happy to absorb travelling time of approximately 2 hours each way, but will need to charge if the travelling time encroaches into working time. Again, we will identify this cost in our quote, so that the position is clear before you decide whether to commission us.

PLEASE NOTE 4: If you don’t have enough in-house people to make an On-Demand course cost-effective, we are happy to run a mixed On-Demand / Open course in your offices for you, to which other local colleagues can be invited. It reduces your costs significantly. If this idea is appealing, please ask for a quote

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Course Details

We are in the process of publishing all course details on our website. In the mean time please contact us for further information.

Conditions Of Application

All prospective students must read the following conditions before submitting the application form.

  1. Once a student is accepted onto the course, fees are not refundable in part or in total unless the course is cancelled by HATC in which case a full refund will be provided.
  2. HATC reserves the right to make minor change lecture times, venue or other arrangements but will advise students in advance of the course date.
  3. The course fee includes the examination fee for one attempt at the APM IC exam. If the student wishes to re-take the exam there will be an additional charge. Such charges will be reasonable, and will be set on the basis of HATC’s cost-recovery only.
  4. The above conditions will be subject to interpretation in English law courts.