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Welcome to our Open Course programme –  it is set out below.  

VIRTUAL OR CLASSROOM TRAINING? We’re working on the basis that the Spring & Summer terms’ courses will be virtual, and that we’ll be back in the classroom in the autumn. We maintain high levels of interactivity on the virtual courses – please see the comment here.

We currently use Zoom rather than MS Teams, and here’s why (if your IT team need to know)

We run our Open Programme 3 times each year: Spring (January – March), Summer (late April – July) and Autumn (late September – December)

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Bulk-booking discounts 

We offer the following discounts where you make a bulk-booking onto the same course:

Property Development courses3rd, 4th & 5th places: 20% off; 6th and above: 40% off.

Project Management courses (PFQ & PM4AHD) – 3rd, 4th & 5th places: 15% off; 6th and above: 25% off.

To claim the discount, insert “X% discount claimed as part of booking Y people onto this course” in the Comment field in the course Booking Form.

Date/Time Course
All Day
Financial Viability Appraisal Explained: Virtual

This course explains the main ways in which financial viability for housing schemes is assessed, covering housing for rent, shared ownership and outright sale. It explains terms such as yield, payback, discounted cash flows, net present value, internal rate of return and others, so that users of viability appraisal tools understand what these figures mean.

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